The Importance Of Offsite Data Backup Services

There are several major remote backup services available for you to choose from, and your selection of the right solution can be a very important decision for the following reasons:

What would happen to your business if you lost all or some your data unexpectedly?

1.  How much would it cost your business if you lost…
      A.  One days’s, 1 week’s or 1 month’s worth of data?
      B.  All of your data?
2.  Would you be able to quickly recreate your data?
      A.  How much would that cost you?
      B.  What would you do and how much would it cost if you couldn’t recreate it?
      C.  What if your hard copies were also lost with your digital data?
3.  Could you continue to conduct business as usual?

4.  Could you even continue to conduct business?

This is what you should look for when selecting a remote backup service for your data:

  • Automatic Backups  – Never will you or your employees spend the time (or forget) to run backups   
  • Offsite Backups  –  Protects against natural disasters such as fire, flood, hurricane, tornado, lightning, solar flares and earthquakes; 
  •  Easy, Reliable File Restores  –  Any non-technical user can quickly and easily restore files you need. 
  •  Retrieve Multiple File Versions – Can you easily roll back a file you changed, overwrote, or deleted
  •  Remote File Access – Access your data files 24/7 from literally any computer with Internet access.
  • Easy System Restore  – Completely restore your computer and be back to normal in minutes.
  • Unmatched Data Security – Transmitted and stored in government-level, world-class data centers.
  • Proven Reliability – Rock solid software technology and ultra-secure
  •  Cost-Effective Backup Solution – Unlimited backup and retrieval of your data or entire system for a low fixed cost, with no hardware, replaceable media or support expenses. 
  •  Free 24/7 Expert Support  – Backup, restore or recovery help, toll free 24/7
    Here is why remote data backups is by far the Best Backup Solution:

Remote Data Backups is the best method of backing up your data for 4 critical reasons:

1. Inexpensive

2. Convenient

3. Secure

4. Full featured

Remote Data Backups is also the only backup solution that protects your data against every kind of data loss risk, not just hard drive failure.

Don’t trust other obsolete backup solutions such as:

Tape Drive   
Zip / Jaz Drive 
External Drive 
RAID Drive 
NAS Drive 
SAN Drive 

Why do the OTHER data protection options fall short?

Major Disadvantages 

Expensive: Hardware, Media, Setup & Admin
 No Free 24/7 Support: Expert help is expensive
 Inconvenient: Not automated or incremental
 Insecure: Not encrypted, offsite, mirrored

Vulnerable to Most Data Loss Risks
 Environmental (heat, sunlight, moisture, dust)
 Human Mishandling (scratch, drop, lose, steal)
 Magnetic Damage (monitors, speakers, TVs, etc)
 No Full Backup: No programs, system files
 Disgruntled Employees, Hackers, Viruses, etc.
Backup Client Testimonials

What a great service!
“The simplicity of use and it’s automatic backup means that we never miss backing up critical files. Retrieval is simple and has saved us a number of times when critical files were accidently deleted.” Rich Giannini

A Valuable Time-Saver
“Without this system I would have spent countless hours, perhaps days, putting my business life back together. The low monthly fee for this service plus the convienience of backing up automatically on a daily basis is worth every penny.” Ken Thompson

Peace of Mind
“There is a peace of mind knowing everything is backed up on a daily basis now, protecting our investment in Z-Ware and Quick Books and our other programs.” Carla Crafton

Excellent customer service!
“Things are working well. Excellent customer service!” Josef Salyer

Easy System Restore in 10 Minutes
RemoteDataBackups saved me a bunch of headaches by being able to restore the system configuration of a few days back in 10 minutes after installing something that didn’t agree with my computer.” TJ Bass

To see for yourself and get going right away, go to offsite data backup and recovery services  or